Leadership Team Accelerator™

Building Awareness and Alignment

The Trail Ridge Leadership Team Accelerator Retreat combines leadership education and leadership team development across organizations creating more opportunities for new insights and more possibilities of taking hold back at the home office.

Trail Ridge develops leadership teams through…

Alignment & Strategy

Creating Synergy

Creating clarity and alignment across the business to improve focus, execution and results. Elaborate and align on nested strategic focal lenses across quarterly, yearly and multiyear time horizons.

Planning & Steering

Leveraging Focus

Bringing together key decision makers to execute the strategy through expert meeting design and facilitation. Identifying and managing risks, visualizing and minimizing dependencies, communicating to everyone, and making shared commitments so that strategic decisions don’t stay locked in the C-Suite.

Leadership Offsite

Building Trust

Increasing trust and collaboration by engaging in actionable work to improve leadership team alignment and cross-organizational execution and delivery. Identify and address core strategic and organizational issues and develop working agreements to build understanding, alignment, trust, and outcomes.